Meet our staff.

Paul Parker


Pastor Paul Parker and his wife, Kelly, started as our pastors in March 2013.

The Burtons


Tom and Clara Burton moved to Pendleton in September 1965 to help a small church.  They are mainstays of our congregation and a joy to be around.

The Prindles


Frank and Clara Prindle

The Perrys


Bob has been a Deacon for many years.

Christina White


Christina is our Secretary and she also teaches Sunday School.

The Muellers

Riff Raff

Brett plays guitar on the Worship Team.

Charlyn is The Grand Keeper of the Checkbook.  Although keeping a balanced checkbook is not often considered a Blessed God given gift, it is a necessary one.

The Muellers have an unfortunate issue called “Inability to Leave” which means they are often the last ones to leave any event.  We try not to draw attention to this as it benefits us to have people who know how to lock the doors and turn off the lights.